What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from These CEOs

CEOs have constantly been pressured to be one of the largest officials in a company to make sure that they can make whatever company they are working for profitable. While many CEOs in the past have made decisions that have tanked companies, some have risen their companies out of the depths to make them one of the biggest companies in the world. Look into these CEOs that have been applauded for their great decision-making skills.

Discovery Inc

The world of media has drastically changed since streaming has changed how we view TV shows and movies. While many different companies running TV channels have seemed their profits diminish, David Zaslav, the CEO of Discovery Inc has been able to take his company to become the #1 international media company in terms of time viewers spend watching their content and #2 in the United States.

Zaslav has said on record that he believes his company has been able to be so successful in the world of streaming because they have a unique grasp on non-scripted content in which many other media companies are currently fighting over top spots for that. When you want to look at a company in a unique spot, look into what Zaslav has been doing.


Before the early 2000s, Disney was at a point where they were struggling financially because their sales were going down in terms of movie tickets and admission to their theme parks around the world. At that point, the company was shaken up when Bob Iger took over the place of Michael Eisner as CEO. From there, he immediately started working on expanding Disney to become a company that would own many more big properties. This came first when he oversaw the company's buyout of Pixar in 2006 which was expected since they had a long working relationship with the company since the release of Toy Story, but the acquisitions didn't stop there.

Most famously, Bob Iger has been responsible for making sure that the buyouts of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox happened which has led Disney to own many of the biggest film franchises in the world. Along with creating buyouts, Iger has helped expand the company through Asia by working on Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland which have been very popular parks for visitors all across the world. Look more into Bob Iger and his relationship with Disney if you want to look at an interesting CEO.


Facebook has always been known for having the story of its creation very public with large adaptations such as the movie, The Social Network. Mark Zuckerberg, the current CEO of Facebook, started building the website himself at his Harvard dorm. Eventually dropping out, he worked on the site full-time as he was able to expand Facebook from university to university across the world.

Eventually, the site opened up to anyone who at least 13 years old in which he was able to then make the company profitable by opening up sales in advertising. Today, the company makes up of multiple divisions such as Facebook itself, Instagram, Oculus, and more that have made Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most interesting CEOs in the world.

If you're getting into business, it's important to understand the expectations you have for yourself. While you're likely not going to have such a hit product that you create the new Facebook, you can learn a bit from each of these CEOs in the daily decisions they had to make. From there, you can apply knowledge to help your business succeed or just get a little bit farther.         

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