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What If It's Your Turn?

The mission of What If…?360 is to turn ideas into action. We’ve been doing this through in-person experiences for over four years now with great success.

But what if we can do more?

We have a new website, logo, and branding so what if we keep pushing the “new”? What if we turn this space into a playground for ideas to be shared, teams to be formed, and differences to be made?

Today, we’re opening up our blog to the entire What If…?360 community.

I’m inviting you to submit your own post here to explore a “what if?” idea or call to action of your passion.

Here’s how it will work:

If you’ve got a big, crazy world-shaking idea you’d like to share with the world or announce in order to rally a community to help turn it into action, email me at: [email protected] and I’ll make you a contributor on our page. You can then submit a post and, upon approval, we’ll post it for you on our blog page under the “Call to Action” category.

At the end of your blog post on our website, we encourage you to state three (non-financially based) concrete “needs” (e.g. introductions to people who work/know…, help designing a logo, shares on social media, etc.) readers can immediately take action on.

Then, let the sharing begin! You share your post with your network, we’ll share it with the What If…?360 network. Together, we’ll start conversations, engage multiple communities, and turn your ideas into much needed actions.

Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the actions you put into motion.