Your Firsthand Life Experience Matters More Than You Realize

Do you ever find yourself forming opinions based on someone else’s experience?

Everyone has done this at some point. But what if you’re missing out on experiences and tools that can enrich your life, all because you’re borrowing another person’s experience? In this episode, Justin Bennett elaborates on the incomparable value of firsthand experience and urges you to encounter the unknown for yourself. This is a rich conversation about the power of self-discovery.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How internalizing other people’s experiences can cause us to miss out
  • How preconceived notions can affect your planning decisions
  • Why self-discovery is a powerful approach to decision making
  • And more!
Listen in now and learn why your firsthand experience matters more than you may realize! Related: Are You Changing Your Financial Planning For The Right Reasons?