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Can You Guess the Top Five Sales Careers Hiring in 2016?


So you have a great mix of experience, talent and personality that is essential in any career in selling.

Now it’s time to land that perfect job and start earning the big bucks. These are the top five sales careers hiring in 2016.

Good news—most sales careers have the potential to be amongst the highest paying professions in North America. According to a survey from The Bridge Group (2015), the average base salary of a B2B inside sales rep is $60,000 with an average on-target earnings of $118,000. This is extremely high. A salary of $118,000 makes sales more than twice the average salary for all other professions.

If you are just entering the workforce or are considering changing industries, this information is very valuable. In understanding where the highest demand for salespeople is, you can make an informed decision and lower your risk of job loss. Generally, sales jobs are considered both “future-proof” and “recession-proof” but some industries are doing especially well in today’s economic environment.

These five sales careers are booming and expected to continue to do so for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017:

1. Digital Media Sales

Print media is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as the digital media market continues to thrive.  Digital media is ever evolving, with banner ads and SEO becoming more and more prevalent. Employers continue to educate themselves on this advertising medium. So if you’re a tech savvy seller, then you have the potential to earn a substantial income selling digital media.

Commissions: $176,000 USD

2. Medical-device Sales

If you have experience selling equipment or an interest in the field, this could be the job for you. Medical device companies look to hire people with previous B2B experience. With demand soaring like it is, there is a lot of potential to quickly move up the ranks.

Medical-device sales must build relationships with doctors throughout their career and demonstrate their equipment and products to surgeons.

National average: $156,914 USD

3. Software Sales

The demand for technology sales professionals is high. and provides the potential to earn a great base wage, accompanied by amazing commissions. Career progression in the software sales industry is rapid and if you have a background in IT and are willing to put in the hard work and learn the trade, then the rewards are compelling. 

National average: $111,638 USD

4. Startup Business Development

If you’re a risk taker and love the idea of the unknown, then working in sales for a start-up business is your dream job. You’ll require excellent negotiation skills and a business development background is helpful. That being said, some startups are willing to invest a lot of time and energy into quick-learning salespeople with a great work ethic, regardless of experience.

There is always and inherent risk tied to startups. Statistically, the majority of start-ups don’t make it past the 3 year mark, but if if you pick the right one, you could be the next instant millionaire.

National Average: $82,590 USD

5. Telecommunications Sales

Telecommunication sales are high paying sales jobs that cater to large corporations. If you look the part and have an aggressive style approach, then you have the potential to succeed.

There are a few jobs within Telecommunications sales that do not require a degree. An entry level role with lower margins can help you develop the skills you need to move up the ladder in your organization. 

National Average: $92,000 USD

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