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10 Purpose-Boosting Tips No Matter Your Lifestyle, Role or Responsibilities


10 Purpose-Boosting Tips No Matter Your Lifestyle, Role or Responsibilities

Whatever your lifestyle, role or responsibilities, some things seem to apply across the board. Here are 10 purpose-boosting tips to begin implementing today!

I’ve had so much fun lately speaking with a huge variety of groups – Habitat for Humanity, several banks and financial institutions, United Way, ChildServe, and leadership institutes across the state, to name a few.

Whether we’re working at their monthly staff meeting or annual retreat, the energy of the professionals in attendance has been palpable and they are clearly making significant, positive contributions to the world!

Whomever the audience, I find that several tips resonate across the board. As we approach a new season and school year (read: fresh start!), I thought I’d share 10 of these widely applicable, highly resonant, quick, purposeful tips with you. 

1. Start with a win

Begin your staff meetings, one-on-ones, or dinner conversations with everyone sharing a win. This elevates the energy and allows for celebration and recognition.

2. Say thank you

One of the top reasons people leave their jobs is due to a lack of appreciation or feeling like their work doesn’t matter. A sincere note or comment of gratitude can make all the difference.

3. Create a Life List

Identify 100 dreams you’d love to bring to reality if you had unlimited resources. Encourage others to create their Life List as well, and share ideas.

4. Track your #1 developing habit

Whether you want to make 10 daily prospecting calls or drink 8 glasses of water each day, create a chart and track it. You attract what you track!

5. Enlighten your mornings

Even if you’re not a morning person! Start your day with intention: gratitude, journaling, exercise, or any of the ideas you find here.

6. Take a break

Whether an afternoon museum tour or a week in the Bahamas, give your mind an (ideally unplugged) break.

7. Systematize

Systems liberate you. Create systems wherever possible, from email autoresponders to checklists for frequent tasks.


8. Speak your truth

Ask for what you want. Say what you need. Live aligned with your values.

9. Change your scenery

Hold your one-on-one meetings while out for a walk, bring your project to the park, or take a new route home. Shake things up!

10. Stretch yourself

Physically, yes, but how about also applying for that promotion or reaching for that new leadership role? When we stretch, we grow!

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