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10 Ways To Get Your Fire Back


10 Ways To Get Your Fire Back

What do you do when you lose your motivation, your fire, your mojo? Here are 10 strategies to rekindle your motivational fire!

Around this time of year, many of us tend to feel a bit drained. The excitement of the new year and all its promises has worn off, the grayness of winter begins to wear on us, and we might realize that we’re approaching the end of first quarter with nary a sign of progress on our goals. It’s easy to feel dips in energy, passion, and all-around mojo.

I experienced this myself not long ago and was a bit befuddled to find my ‘usual tricks’ not working. After some experimentation, soul-searching, a breakthrough map, and an enlightening conversation with my coach, I played with some different ways to get back on track. I want to share some with you, just in case you’ve lost a bit of your mojo, too!

1. Focus. 

In my case, I realized I was spreading myself a bit too thin, personally and professionally. I reigned things back in, honed in on the 2-3 areas that really matter the most right now, and focused time and energy to move them forward. 

2. Connect with someone new.

Who have you met recently that you want to get to know better? Whose work do you admire? Set up a coffee or lunch date and gain fresh perspective.

3. Help someone else.

One of the first items I ever cross-stitched was the saying, “Nothing strengthens the heart more than reaching down and lifting up another.” It’s so true. Regain your mojo by helping someone else gain theirs.

4. Outsource something.

I discovered a task that drained my energy even thinking about it – and yet I was still doing it. I delegated it to someone else and instantly felt my load lightened.

5. Clean up your routine.

Take note of your mornings, weekdays, and evenings. Have you gotten squishy in your supportive routines? Recharge them – or at least one of them – with vigor. Rekindled discipline can be surprisingly motivating!

6. Go away.

Take a breather in a new environment. Whether a week-long vacation or just packing up a project and heading to a gorgeous coffee shop for an afternoon, changing scenery can work absolute wonders. I have spent time lately at our local botanical gardens and have felt inspired, productive, and peaceful each time.

7. Run.

Or go for a brisk walk. Or bike, or do some jumping jacks, or something else that gets your body moving and your heart pumping.

8. Step. 

Outside of your comfort zone, that is. Embark on an adventure or try something new and healthfully daring. Use the adrenaline and fear to your advantage.

9. Infuse yourself with goodness. 

Looking at the three major aspects of life – body, mind, and spirit – ask how you can “fill your bucket” with positivity. Answers might include listening to inspiring podcasts, reading uplifting books, eating nourishing foods, watching only positive movies, regularly attending a worship service, getting together with people who “get you” and make you laugh.

10. Ask for help.

You don’t have to go it alone. Seeking help is a sign of courage. Remember that most times, people don’t know you need help unless you ask for it. Take that step.  

When you feel a dip in your mojo, keep the always-helpful phrase in mind: This too shall pass. 

But maybe make it pass a little quicker with one of these tips or something you brainstorm on your own!

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