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5 Things Moving Forward From 15 Years In Business


5 Things Moving Forward From 15 Years In Business

For the next 15 years in business, here are 5 lessons I’m definitely taking with me: 

1. Decide And Take Action.

Rather than swimming in indecision (see #1 from yesterday’s blog), do the necessary homework and soul-searching, make a decision, then immediately take an action in favor of that decision. It’s life-changing and frees up a ton of time and mental energy.

2. Done Is Better Than Perfect.

Prior to learning this concept in Sheryl Sandberg’s excellent book, Lean In, my former perfectionist tendencies combined with my fears and kept me from engaging at the level I knew I could. Practice ‘selective perfectionism’ and learn the lessons – and even the beauty – of imperfection.

3. PIPO.

In computer science, the acronym GIGO – or Garbage In, Garbage Out – means if you put low quality content into a system, you will yield low quality results. Same in work and life. Consciously focus on PIPO – Positivity In, Positivity Out. Fuel yourself with as much positivity as possible – through relationships, podcasts, books (click here for my latest read), movies, conversations, and everything else. In return, aim to spread positivity wherever and whenever you can.

4. Mindset.

Whether you strive to strengthen your leadership, grow your business, increase your income, change career paths, figure out your own Bold Goal, or anything else, it all begins with your mindset. All my work begins here as well – and will even more in the year to come.

5. Meaning And Purpose.

At the heart of it all: Meaning And Purpose – the MAP in MAP Inc. Edwene Gaines wrote: “You came to this planet to play at the highest level that has ever been played. You came to play at the level of Gandhi, of Dr. Martin Luther King, of Mother Teresa, at the level of every great and wise soul who ever made a difference. You came to play with the big kids.” That is my #1 focus going forward in this business: Helping you play at the highest level that has ever been played.

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Inspired Action:

Maybe you’re starting your second (or fifth) career path. Maybe you’ve been in business twice as long as I have. Maybe you want to achieve something significant and meaningful, but don’t know what or are stuck in the how. Wherever you are in your professional journey, everything you’ve done up to this point provides clues for your next steps. Learn from your own wisdom!

Take an inventory of your own past experience, like I did with my last 15 years in business, and see how it informs your next steps. You are welcome to download this free worksheet to help you get started.

A special, super-sized thank you goes out to my family – my biggest cheerleaders, greatest sources of inspiration, continuous creative muses, and the core of my purpose and heart of my hearts. This business would not exist – nor be nearly as fun – without them!

And thank you, dear community, for your love and support over the last 15 years.

May you always work with meaning and live with purpose!

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