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5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Time


5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Time

If you look back at 2017 and wonder where the time went, employ some of these strategies to make 2018 more intentional and purposeful!

If becoming more intentional with your time is one of your New Year’s resolutions, here are 5 of my favorite tips to get you started:

1. Engage in a morning practice.

This may sound dramatic, but starting my morning practice truly changed my life! Whether you journal, meditate, pray, visualize, stretch, or say a few quiet gratitudes before getting out of bed, start your day in a positive, proactive way. Read my earlier Huffington Post article if you’d like more ideas.

2. Schedule a weekly review + planning session with yourself.

Set aside 30 minutes or so to assess the past week and design your schedule and goals for the upcoming one. Make a little ceremony out of this time: Pour a hot beverage, light a candle, turn on some Bach. I typically do this on Sunday evenings and love starting the week feeling prepared.

3. Set 1-3 meaningful goals to work toward.

I like to set 3 Bold Goals for the year (if you’d like to learn my process, I’ll share the details early in the ASPIRE Success Club). You can do something similar, or set goals for shorter time periods, too – the quarter, month, or week, for example. Don’t forget to track your progress!

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4. Identify your time zappers.

What pulls you away from being intentional with your time? Be honest with yourself here, and with no judgment – only a desire for change. Consider potentially obvious zappers (social media? Netflix binges?) as well as more insidious ones (indecision or worry, perhaps). Identify to address.

5. Implement one simple, mindful routine in your day.

Years ago, one of my clients struggled with ‘turning off work’ when she left the office. We decided to have her use her commute to her advantage: Each day, when she drove over the bridge halfway between work and home, she would use that as her landmark to let go of work, quiet her mind, and shift gears to home and family. You could do this with a midday cup of tea, lighting a candle after dinner, or writing in your Success Journal.

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