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Bringing Your Whole Self To Work


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Do you feel “in the zone” when you go to work every day? What would it be like if you did?

“When a workplace is authentic and allows you to bring your whole self to a work environment that is congruent with your values, you can almost feel your wings unfurling.” -Scott Mautz

Coaching Tip for the Week:

Think about a time when you were truly “in the zone”: when you felt focused, purposeful, strong, and like you were exactly where you were supposed to be. What was that moment like for you?

Now imagine feeling that every day when you go to work. 

What would that be like for you?

If you are in that situation now, give thanks – and give yourself a pat on the back for it, too. Meaningful work is not something handed to us by someone else; it’s something we design and move towards with intention. It requires us to know our values, desire to make a difference, and bring our whole selves to work.

If you are not in that situation, take heart. You can get there, and you likely don’t need to change jobs to do so.

This week, bring your “whole self” to work. Commit to honoring your values at work. Strive to create a positive, growth-oriented environment – even if it’s just you and one other person in the office. Decide that you are here to work with meaning and purpose, then be aware of the ways you can experience that every day.

Let your wings unfurl! 

“Spark gave me a renewed sense of pride in how my work makes an impact on others’ lives. I gained confidence that I can accomplish my Bold Goals, discovered that I can give meaning to every day… I am so very grateful for everything I took away from Spark!” -Jayme Fry 

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