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Can NOT Achieving Your Goals Be Amazing?


Can NOT Achieving Your Goals Be Amazing?

Achieving goals is amazing. But can *not* achieving your goals be just as amazing?

“She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying.” — Atticus

Do you refrain from setting goals, especially bold ones, because…what if you don’t reach them?

I’ve been an avid goal-setter since childhood. I’ve set and achieved a lot of goals in those years. And you know what else? I’ve set and NOT achieved a lot of goals in those years, too.

Sometimes not achieving the goal felt like, “Oh well. There’s always next time.” Other times, the disappointment lodged so deep I wondered if I’d ever recover.

So far, I have always recovered. And so have you. 

And we are richer for putting ourselves out there, for having tried.

This week, as we embark on the last two months of the year, do one of two things: Either recommit to a goal you set earlier in the year that is meaningful and important to you, or set a new goal to achieve by year-end.

Then, go for it. Let your faith, passion, and sense of purpose be greater than your fear!

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