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How Fun Is Your Workplace?


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If your workplace is boring, bland, or a breeding ground for negativity, it’s time for a change. Today’s Clarity Kickstart offers an action to begin the transformation!

“How can I inject surprise, fun, and outrageousness into this day?” ~ Pam Grout

How fun is it to go to work each morning?

If your answer hovers somewhere in the “not very/not at all” range, it’s time to change that.

Consider this: You will likely spend a minimum of 2,000 hours at work this year. That’s if you work 40 hours a week with two weeks of vacation. 2,000 hours! 

This week, brainstorm what a fun, magnetic environment would be like. Engage all of your senses. What would you see? Hear? What physical representations would highlight the walls? 

What if you added some inspiring artwork in the hall? Or if you started each staff meeting with a win? Several coaching clients have told me they print a Clarity Kickstart every week and put it on the bulletin board. Even scent is powerful – one of my children has a friend whose house smells like “cinnamon and happiness.” 🙂

So much research exists to support the importance of a positive, engaging workplace. But even if you’re not a research junkie, common sense probably tells you that people will perform better, be happier, and produce more if they experience meaning, purpose, and joy at work.

That includes you!

Don’t wait for someone to do something. Inject some fun into today! 

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