How to Help Others Find Purpose At Work

“Burnout results not from hard work – people are capable of working very hard – but from a sense of futility, the fear that all the hard work isn’t making a difference . “ ~ Rabbi Harold Kushner

Do you agree with Rabbi Kushner’s statement?

I fully agree and have seen the proof time and time again.

Hard work without a sense of purpose or connection to the bigger picture typically leads to exhaustion, frustration, and burnout. Someone fueled by passion and purpose, however, can dedicate incredible energy and heart, and still walk away feeling strong and positive!

This week, help others see the value in their work.

Have you ever noticed how it’s sooooo much easier to solve someone else’s problem than your own? Leverage that experience this week.

Pay attention if you notice someone feeling a bit disheartened or burned out by their work. Help them connect the dots to how their role helps customers, the community, family, self, and the world at large.

Trust me: Not only will you boost their morale and help reinvigorate their professional passion, you’ll do the same for yourself in the process!

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