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How To Open Up Possibilities


How To Open Up Possibilities

“Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says, ‘It can’t be done.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Imagine your employee, significant other, or child came to you with a wild, crazy idea that they wanted to pursue. How would you likely respond?

“It will never work.”

“Too expensive.”

“We’ve already tried that.”

Does one of those sound like you?

Or do you dwell in possibility, at least for a while? 

Next week, focus on questions instead of statements. Nothing squelches innovation like a negative response – especially if the person sharing the idea has been holding it in for a while. As a coach, I spend a fair amount of my life in questions, and I recommend it. Some ways to experiment:

“How might that work?”

“What intrigues you most about the idea?”

“What kind of help might you need to make it work?”

“What do you see as your possible next step?”

“Who might help you?”

Questions can help you learn how someone thinks, opens up possibility, and lead to clarity and actions. Entertain the question this week. I bet you’ll be delighted by the answers!

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