Stop Tolerating: What Are You Allowing in Your Work and Life That Bothers You?

What are you tolerating? How would your work, leadership, and life be different if you no longer settled?

"Your entire life changes the day that you decide you will no longer accept mediocrity for yourself." — Hal Elrod

Two years ago, one of my coaching clients focused on becoming a stronger, more confident leader. "I don't want to just be a good leader," she shared. "Ten years from now, I want people to say, 'She was the best leader I ever had.'"

What was getting in her way? Tolerations. Status quo. Doing what was expected rather than stepping out of the box and exploring new paths. All of this drew her to coaching.

Interestingly, she started seeing how she was 'tolerating' and accepting status quo in other areas of her life, too. From her ragged kitchen towels to a file cabinet that was always jammed to not speaking up when she needed to, she started to see how mediocrity was impacting her work, leadership, and life.

This week, make note of your tolerations. What are you allowing in your work and life that bothers you? It could be as small as a loose button on a favorite coat or chipped paint on the bathroom wall; or it could be a detrimental habit or a difficult relationship.

Pull out a clipboard, grab a pen and some paper, and start making a list. Walk through your home or workspace, mentally walk through your day, and jot down everything you are currently tolerating but would like to improve or upgrade.

Then, starting with the easy ones, begin taking action.

It's been said we average 60 or more tolerations. Start cleaning them up and strive for excellence, beauty, and joy in all areas of your work, leadership, and life!