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The 5 People Who Will Help You Achieve


The 5 People Who Will Help You Achieve

When I was in college, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, and several other NBA stars took on the basketball world at the Olympic games. Nicknamed “The Dream Team,” these well-known players showed up with the goal of bringing home the gold. And with hard work as well as the support of coaches, trainers, fans, and more, The Dream Team did just that.

What goal could you accomplish with your own personal Dream Team?

Whenever I embark on a Bold Goal (a regular occurrence), I make sure I have five people/groups in place. Consider recruiting them for your Bold Goal Dream Team, too:

1. Inspiration Group

More than a standard networking group, an Inspiration Group surrounds you with like-minded people who want to see you succeed. The ASPIRE Success Club is a great example: Each member declares a Bold Goal toward the start of the year, then updates us on progress at our monthly meetings (and even more frequently in our online discussion forum) so we can offer ideas, provide encouragement, and cheer them on.

Ideally, your Inspiration Group will gather around a common purpose and offer a structure that ensures time is respected and well-utilized. Look for possibilities in your industry, community, or the area of your goal, such as a writing group through your local library (or join us in ASPIRE !)

2. Mastermind Group

While larger groups have their place, a small, intimate Mastermind Group provides an even higher level of growth. I have been in several masterminds over the years and imagine I always will be! We meet regularly, share wins and best practices, and each member gets time in the “spotlight seat”: they present an issue or challenge they are experiencing, then everyone else brainstorms, idea-shares, or even solves the problem. It’s really kind of magical!

Essentially, the premise is this: Each of us is smart individually, but when we put our brain power together, we essentially create a third mind – a ‘master mind’ – that is even better. I always find that to be true and leave each mastermind session feeling light and empowered!

3. Accountability Partner

You know how it goes: You decide to wake up early every morning and go for a run. You do great for a few days, then the snooze button becomes more appealing and you start talking yourself out of your goal… unless you know your neighbor is on the sidewalk waiting to run with you. That friend = accountability partner: You make a commitment, she makes sure you’re honoring it.

While I have a coach (see #4) for my professional goals, I love connecting with an accountability partner to keep other intentions moving forward. Right now, for example, I am in the midst of a health goal; I know what I need to do and how to do it – I just need someone to check in weekly to make sure I’m actually doing it. My sister and I are currently accountability partners and so far we are both rocking our commitments!

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4. Coach

I’ve been a certified coach for many years and still always have a coach myself. Nothing compares to the power of a trained, experienced professional coach to provide objectivity, serve as a high-level thought partner, hold the space for growth, and move you forward! While the groups I’ve mentioned have definitely elevated my business and life, it was when I hired my first coach that I truly saw my results skyrocket. I’ve hired countless coaches over the years since!

Each coach is unique in their approach and style, so I always think about what I most want to gain from the experience and then find the coach I believe will best help me get there. I have invested a hefty amount of money, time, and energy into coaches and will continue to do so, as little else brings such a significant return on investment! If you’re considering hiring a coach, check out these 5 questions so you can make a sound choice.

5. YOU

As you already know, YOU are the common denominator and key ingredient to your success.  You have the gifts and strength to accomplish what matters most to you. Do what’s necessary to build your confidence, believe in your abilities, create a foundation of positivity, and design an action plan that moves you forward with intention, purpose, and delight.

Seek the support of the above four people for help! You can do it – but you don’t have to do it alone. See here and here for a few more thoughts.

Your Next Inspired Action

Various friends and family members can certainly support you, as can other goal-specific professionals (therapists, professional organizers, personal trainers, accountants, and so on). Just make sure you have the objectivity and expertise of your Bold Goal Dream Team in place, too! To support you in this, download this Bold Goal Dream Team worksheet.

Brainstorm possibilities, narrow in on the best ones, then start building your Bold Goal Dream Team. Watch your results improve and the entire process become more fun, too! Let your team support you in turning dreams into goals and goals into reality.

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