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The One Person Who Must See Your Worth


The One Person Who Must See Your Worth

When you look at your goals for 2018, is there a little (or perhaps loud) voice inside that says, “What makes you think you can achieve that? Who do you think you are?”

Self-doubt stunts more goals than actual obstacles ever will.

So this year, let’s make sure the first person who believes in you, cheers you on, and sees your tremendous worth is you.

This week, review your successes. 

Confidence doesn’t come from one big event – it develops over a series of small successes and little wins.

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In your journal, Evernote, or a fresh document, title the page “Celebration of Triumphs.” Then, list your various successes from the past year. Include the little ones, the ones no one else knew about, the minor wins that make you think, “I’m the only one who would ever think of that as a success!”

Even if (especially if) the past year didn’t feel very victorious all around, challenge yourself to do this exercise. Then, whenever doubt creeps in, turn to your list and remind yourself you can succeed – and you have the written proof!

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