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The Power Of One


The Power Of One

The Power Of One

In a world obsessed with numbers – group sizes, Twitter followers, and beyond – it’s easy to forget the power of one.

The nurse who helped you recover from surgery.

The leader who saw your potential and encouraged you to fulfill it.

The coach who focused 100% on you, your purpose, and your definition of success.

We hear a lot about ‘influencers,’ the person with 8 million Twitter followers, the speaker standing in front of the crowds or working with the masses.

Large-scale leadership is important. But when it comes down to it, the people who often make the biggest difference in our lives are those who take a personal interest, regard us as individuals, and make us feel like we are the most important person in the room.

This week, care for one person at a time.  

Opportunities to do so will appear before you all week long:

Listening deeply to the employee struggling with work/life balance.

Sincerely complimenting the child who put outstanding effort into her project.

Mailing a handwritten card to the speaker who facilitated your company lunch-and-learn this month.

One person at a time can bring meaning, purpose, and a sense of mattering into a life, and the ripple effect will extend that further. Just look at Mother Teresa as an example of this!

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Who will be your next ‘one person’?

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