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Transforming Envy


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Ever feel that pang of envy when someone receives the promotion you wanted or achieves the goal you set for yourself? What if you could transform that feeling into something else?

“Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.” 


Coaching Tip for the Week:

Do you ever feel a pang of envy at someone else’s success?

She got the promotion you should have received.

He published his book while yours is still an idea in your head.

She has had more clients in her first year of business than you have in the last five.

Sometimes it stings, right?

But here’s the deal: Success is not in limited supply. The world is not in danger of running out of success anytime soon. Someone else’s success does not in any way diminish your own, nor does it take away your chances of future wins. 

This week, sincerely congratulate someone who has achieved one of your goals. Breathe in a mindset of abundance, remind yourself that there’s plenty to go around, and congratulate her on her action, bravery, and results. 

You know what else you can do? Thank her. She is modeling the way for you and showing you that it can be done – whatever your “it” is. 

Fill the space of envy with gratitude and genuine compliments. That pang can then transform into joyful motivation!

Surround yourself with success role models who want YOU to succeed! 

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