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When You Hit The Wall



The question isn’t so much if you will get stuck at times, but rather how will you get *unstuck*?

“Adversity causes some people to break; others to break records.”

William A. Ward

Coaching Tip for the Week:

I’m working on a project this year that is near and dear to my heart, meaningful, and exciting. Even with all that, about a month ago I felt like I hit a wall. No matter what I did, it seemed I just could not progress.

I had moments of doubt: Is it not the right time for this project? Is it not the right project? Am I not the right person for it?

I decided to change my scenery and gain some focus, which I wrote about here. What a difference that day made! I glided past the wall and am now on the home stretch. 

OK, maybe “awkwardly hurdled” is a more accurate description, but either way, that wall is behind me! 

This week, change your scenery. If a work project has you stumped, take your laptop to a garden or coffee shop or beach.

If you’re perplexed by a goal that was going smoothly and now seems to have stalled, grab your journal and head for a park bench or a nature trail.

If a relationship needs a boost, invite that person for a walk by the ocean or near the corn fields or whatever beauty surrounds you.

Don’t let a sticking point keep you stuck. Sometimes a small step – like a little change of scenery – is all you need to unblock the flow! 

How will you glide over (or awkwardly hurdle) your wall?

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