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My 40 Favorite Strategy and Business Slides


My 40 Favorite Strategy and Business Slides

How much time do you waste building and rebuilding PowerPoint slides?

How much time does your team waste?

If you’re anything like I used to be, the answer is, “waaaaaay too much”.

For years now, I’ve sat back and watched while everyone around me wasted countless hours designing and redesigning slides for strategic business presentations. And here I was, Mr. Template (self proclaimed …) watching it all go down. Well those days are over. We need to stop wasting our time and energy building slides so we can focus on being creative and strategic. 

I locked myself in a room for the past two weeks and assembled a collection of more than 40 of my favorite strategy and business slides. These are the slides I use over and over again. They are battle tested over two decades. They work.

In the package, you’ll find over 40 slide templates and a fully baked example strategic presentation to show you exactly how I use these slides in practice.

I built the slides to be visually attractive but simple to edit. I designed most slides using well-constructed PowerPoint tables instead of shapes to make it easier for you to format and change. They look great but they don’t break when you try to change a word or add a section. I created multiple versions of every slide – image versions, plain versions, versions of varying lengths. Whatever I could think of to make your life easier, I’ve done it. Instead of spending 3 hours building a presentation for your boss next week, you can spend 15 minutes by using my slide templates. 

If I already had you at “strategic slide templates” and you just want to buy them now and get on with it, click here. In the package you’ll get 40 strategic slide templates and a fully baked example version to show how I would use them in practice.

If you want to learn a bit more about what’s inside the template, I’ll outline below.

I’ve probably built hundreds of strategy and business presentations over the years. I have evaluated hundreds more. And during that time, I’ve developed a set of slides I always use because they make sense and they work. 

Mission Slides (2 slide templates)

Its good to start every strategic presentation or plan with a reminder of the highest level mission. It provides an anchor point for all plans and strategies. In the strategic planning template, I’ve given a simple template and a visual template to communicate your mission.

Situational Analysis Slides (7 slide templates)

I start every strategic presentation with a review of the current situation. This can include analysis of internal factors like your team or budget as well as external factors like competitors and markets. Situational analysis slides are critical to setting proper context. You can’t build an effective plan or presentation without at least one. In the strategic planning template, I’ve provided several slides to use when analyzing the current situation. 

Goals Slides (3 slide templates)

Once you have assessed the situation, you need to communicate your goals in a way that is specific and measurable. Goals are ultimately tied to your mission but should reflect the situational analysis you’ve just done. I’ve given you a few templates for communicating your goals.

Transformation Slides (4 slide templates)

Every company is transforming in some way. Every team is transforming. I find it very useful to use transformation slides in my business presentations. I’ve built a few of my favorites for you to use in the strategic planning template.

Strategic Initiatives Slides (3 slide templates)

In my experiences this is the most important section of a strategic plan or presentation. Once you’ve identified your goals and desired transformation, you need initiatives to get it done. In this section I’ve given you a few templates to communicate and describe your strategic initiatives in a compelling way.

Comparative Analysis Slides (4 slide templates)

In many business and strategy presentations you will need to compare markets, competitors, features and other attributes. I do it all the time. I’ve designed four of my favorite slides for comparisons and included in this template.

KPIs and Dashboard Slides (2 slide templates)

You can’t have a strategic plan without some sort of measurement dashboard. I use the same basic dashboards in every plan I do and I’ve included two versions of it for you in this package.

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Budget and Resources Slides (2 slide templates)

Most strategic plans need to contemplate resources and budget requirements. I created a couple of simple slide designs that embed excel sheets into them. This makes it way easier for you to edit and adjust based on your specific needs.

Execution Plan Slides (4 slide templates)

Once you’ve aligned everyone to your strategic and the key initiatives, you need to present a project plan and timeline. Most people spend too much time building these or they try to copy and past something from excel that is not legible. I’ve included 4 slide designs I use all the time when presenting my execution plans.

Decision Framework Slides (2 slide templates)

How often do you need to decide between two options? All the time, right? I’ve included a couple of slides I use when I need to get executive alignment or a key decision made between two reasonable options. 

Risks and Request Slides (4 slide templates)

Most good presentations end with a statement of risks and some requests for support or help. I’ve included 4 of my favorite templates for doing that. They should help you save time in future plans and presentations.

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