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iGen and the Future of the Workplace


iGen and the Future of the Workplace

In a recent infographic by Randstad USA called “Managing Gen Y and Z in the Workplace,” Randstad looks at an emerging employment environment in which “the oldest members of generation Z (or iGen) have just entered the workforce and millenials are beginning to take on management roles.”

So what does generation Z look like? For older generations, it might seem difficult at first to pick out many significant differences between the 30-somethings they work with and the 20-somethings. In fact, these groups do share a great deal in common, according to the data published by Randstad:

  • Both prefer working in a corporate office, as opposed to co-working space or home office.
  • Both prefer communicating with coworkers in person.
  • Both believe “communicative” is the most important quality for a leader.
  • Both prefer workplace flexibility over healthcare.
  • Both embrace new technologies.

Still, there are some differences that can be teased out between generations Y and Z. According to, citing a 2015 Way To Work survey by Adecco Staffing USA, “Despite the stigma around millennial workers feeling entitled, many aspire to be financially stable, a desire that may likely be tied to them entering the workforce in the deepest part of the recession. Gen Z, however, is focused on their dream jobs. In fact, the majority (32%) of Gen Z surveyed stated their greatest aspiration is to be in their dream job within 10 years from now.”

Even though many employers are still coming to terms with the unique work habits, values and expectations of generation Y, they need to start getting to know the real new kids on the block: generation Z. It will be crucial for businesses to be highly attuned to both groups as they take an ever increasing role in the management and front line of the new workplace.

While the growth in the number of generation Z employees in the workplace is certainly a very real trend, it may take some time until we truly get to know this new group and how they differ from generation Y.

Increasingly, your market will be made up of a growing number of generation Z consumers as well. Now is the time to begin listening to this new cohort to ensure that their voices are included in your workplace. Be inclusive!

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