Internal Crowdsourcing Could Be the Cornerstone for Progressive Thinking

Written by: Sierra Stacey

Internal crowdsourcing could be the cornerstone for progressive thinking within an organization.

This system provides a continuous dialog that gives employees a voice within the company, seeing their visions enacted upon. Company leaders are given the opportunity to get input from their employees that is filtered through the reality of the work environment, expertise, and vision. This insight will help leaders understand potential growth opportunities and internal limitations that may be holding the business back. Internal crowdsourcing shows how the organization operates and drives employee engagement. It encourages employees to buy-in and have a welcomed voice within their workplace .

Internal crowdsourcing is a way to collaborate with other employees within the workplace.

The software allows employees to submit ideas, vote on submitted content, give management reviews of content, ask questions to better understand something or to solve a problem, and develop opportunities.

Having internal crowdsourcing will help enhance company culture by creating a more collaborative work environment, make healthier business choices, and show employees that what they think matters. A supporting and open company culture will invite better ideas and meet diverse needs with stakeholders and employees by avoiding focus on the expectations of a single group.

Employees live and breathe your business every day and internal crowdsourcing will give your employees a reason to stick around. Having engaged employees will improve morale, resulting in a happier environment and higher work performance, where employees feel valued and productive. That means they have a much higher chance of being there for the long term.

With business leaders, their bias will decrease as it will help prevent group thinking and stop leaders from buying their own ideas without getting others perspective. Internal crowdsourcing will only be successful if the employees are encouraged by leaders to contribute and be a part of the innovation process.

If employees don’t contribute out of fear of being singled out, then there is no benefit to crowdsourcing. Leaders need to ensure that the employees are comfortable at the company and if they aren’t, then they need to improve the company’s culture to something more accepting and less judgemental. We are aware that when an organization has a strong internal structure and high employee engagement, that those businesses do better than the ones who don’t. Improve your business with internal crowdsourcing.