Your 2 Weeks' Notice

“I put in my two week notice today, and it feels great.”

“I got an offer today; I’m putting in my 2 week notice on Friday”

“I can’t wait to put in my letter of resignation”

Those are real quotes. I get emails and messages from clients who are getting job offers and moving on to bigger and better things; all because of their resume. Any resume writer or career coach will tell you that the resume and cover letter are the starting points to finding a new job.

With 25% job growth predicted for 2015 and the unemployment rate at 5.5%, people are moving along and getting jobs. And with getting new jobs comes saying goodbye to old ones. When you think of the letter of resignation or 2 weeks’ notice, most of the time you think of drama or sadness, however that’s not the case. In fact putting in a resignation notice can be highlight of your year.

Did you know that unless you have a work contract that a 2 weeks’ notice is not required by law; it’s just a professional courtesy ; which means you don’t have to give your employer any notification if you don’t want to. It’s just the polite thing to do – you know that whole bridge burning thing.

I have read articles where people are forced to resign their position mainly because of doing something illegal, immoral, unethical or just stupid. I know sometimes people are forced out but for the most part when people quit, it's because they have found something better. They hated the old job and it was making them sick, so now they get to quit and work in a happier environment. The boss or coworkers were terrible and now they have found a great team. They didn’t get to spend time with their kids so now they found something more flexible. You get the point.

Yeah, you get it. The 2 week notice is not a sad thing – it’s a good thing – no, it’s a great thing. It represents a new endeavor - new terrain. It’s about growth and testing the market – taking on new challenges. It’s busting past the status quo. It’s not subscribing to the “Happy to Have a Job Philosophy”. Not allowing the golden handcuffs of tenure (benefits) to hold you hostage. The 2 weeks’ notice is freedom – it’s a commencement - it’s a statement against complacency or entitlement.

It’s happiness.