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Button Behavior


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Where there are buttons, there are buttonholes and its purely natural to push buttons thru the holes.  However, just because there’s a hole doesn’t mean you should go sticking your button in it.  Next time you button up your suit jacket or sport coat, follow these rules to protect yourself from any fashion faux pas.

One Button Jacket

With no extra buttons to worry about, the one button coat is the easiest to remember.  Button up while standing and unbutton when seated. 

Two Button Jacket

Repeat after me ‘Never button your bottom button.’  The top button is all you need to fasten on a two-button coat.  If you are guilty of double-buttoning take a peak in the mirror, you’ll notice the bottom of your jacket doesn’t lay right.  When you release the last button and set it free, you not only allow for a proper drape but your own movements will feel less restricted.

Three Button Jacket

Three button coats break down to three mindful words: sometimes, always, never.  Meaning the top button is optional, sometimes you feel like it sometimes you don’t.  Always fasten your center button and once again ‘never button your bottom button.’

Last but Not Least

No matter how many buttons on your jacket, don’t forget this…If you take a seat don’t drag your feet, unbutton your jacket, try and be discrete.  On the other hand, when you stand channel your inner gentleman, fasten up the right buttons you learned about in this lesson plan. 

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