Thanksgiving Dinner Options

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, so it’s time to start thinking about what you will wear to this year's Turkey Dinner. Whether you’re enjoying a laid back Thanksgiving or a more formal affair, here are a few wardrobe ideas to keep you dapper and stylish come Thursday.


A low key Thanksgiving is not an excuse to wear a t-shirt and sweatpants. Keep it casual cool and collected in a pair of clean cut denim with a button down shirt and mock-zip pullover. Pass on the sneakers and opt for a nice driver or leather loafer to finish off your look.


For the more than modest dinner, think business-casual when planning your Thanksgiving attire. Throw a patterned shirt underneath a shawl collared sweater, slip on your favorite khakis and laced up ankle boots. Now you’re ready to grab a beer, sit back and enjoy some football.


Will fine linens and crystal glassware adorn your Thanksgiving table? If so, dress up gentlemen! You will be the centerpiece at dinner and standout when you show up (or host) wearing a deep v-neck sweater over a crisp white shirt along with a stunning blazer and tie to match.

Whatever your plans are this Thanksgiving Day remember to showcase your style. The turkey might be the main course but in outfits like these you will be the hottest dish!