The Art of Mixology

Mixing patterns can be tricky as well as intimidating. Let’s face it, sticking to the basics is easier than venturing out of the ‘fashion box’. However, staying in your style comfort zone can become routine and you begin to find yourself wearing the same items over and over again. Imagine if you got a little adventurous and took a walk on the wild side of mixing stripes and paisleys and checks – OH MY!! The combinations would be anything but cowardly.

Face your fashion fears and follow these simple rules the next time you decide to mix it up:

Use one solid color as home base – either a solid shirt or if you are a pattern “mirgin” (mixing pattern virgin), I recommend starting out with a solid suit color, combine it with a striped shirt and checkered tie.

You can never go wrong (better yet it would be hard to go wrong) with opposing patterns –try checks with stripes.

Pay attention to pattern size – balance out larger prints with smaller ones. For example, a large glen plaid sport coat with a gingham shirt and solid colored tie.

Remember your options are not limited to stripes and checks. Shake things up by incorporating florals, polka dots, and paisleys into your look. Maybe you find a good duo in a check shirt paired with a polka dot tie and you throw a paisley pocket square in as a mixer. Be daring. Get creative. Find a combination that works for you and most important makes you feel your best. Happy Mixing!!