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The Four Basic Suits Every Man Should Own



Don’t get lost in the shuffle, put away that stuffy black suit and steer your wardrobe to the four basic suits that every man should own: Solid navy and grey, pinstripe navy and grey – Business Standard Essentials!

Navy and grey are colors that speak volumes. Take navy for example, NAVY IS YOUR POWER COLOR!!  When you think of highly ranked, successful lawyers in court or well-educated men on Wall Street, chances are the suit color they don is Navy; it’s a color that exudes authority. Not only do these suit colors make statements when worn, but within these four basics you’re able to let your personal style shine.

You can be as bold or as modest as you see fit when suiting up for the occasion at hand. To really standout, try mixing patterned shirts with your pinstripe suits, such as checks and gingham dress shirts. View your solid suits as an artist would a blank canvas, you can have a lot fun playing with vibrant colored shirts, exaggerated check patterns and lively silk ties. If your style tends to be more reserved, then stick to the neutrals. You will still look classically dapper by pairing a handsome, crisp white shirt under any of these four basics. And if you’re feeling adventurous, add a clean white pocket square to your breast pocket for a hint of a little something extra.

No matter what direction you choose with your wardrobe, remember to wear your confidence…it’s the best accessory you’ll ever own.

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