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To Tuck or Untuck?


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It’s a simple question most men should be able to answer yet many men are still walking around with shirttails hanging down below their zippers. Right off the bat, I feel its necessary to give you a ladies opinion – this is not a good look gentlemen! Unless you want to look like an eight-year old boy who just finished recess, I suggest tucking in your shirt, especially button down dress shirts.

Choosing to tuck or untuck your shirt really depends on the length and the occasion. With that being said, here are two helpful tips to guide you on when its appropriate to expose your shirt bottom or keep it hidden in your pants:

First, a good rule to go by is the length of your shirt. Whether it’s a button down or polo shirt, if it hangs below your hips you should ALWAYS tuck it in. The key here is to make sure you look proportioned. If your shirt length hits above the hips, then feel free to exercise your right to untuck.

Second, be mindful of the occasion. Ask yourself ‘Is this (insert your event) suitable for untucking behavior?’ It should be a no brainer, but if you’re attending a formal affair please for the love of common sense TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT. If you’re in an office setting and the attire calls for suits or sport coats, then it’s a tucking environment. If you’re heading to a ball game with your guys, then feel free to rock out with your sark out.

Next time you’re feeling unsure about tucking it in or letting it all hang out, remember the advice above to keep you looking sharp and takeaway these few friendly reminders:

DRESS SHIRTS: Always tuck


POLOS: Tuck or untuck

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