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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Suits



Every man should have at least one suit in his closet that fits him well.  It’s your go to when you have a big meeting or a summer wedding.  It’s the item you wear that makes you feel your best.  So if you must own a great fitting suit, why not buy custom?!  When you wear a custom suit you are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd.  Besides the obvious – a better fit than its ‘off the rack’ step-brother – a custom suit will diversify you with its attention to detail.  From selecting your fabric to choosing your button color, you immediately get upgraded from purchasing a suit you’re okay with, to designing a suit which is unique to you and 100% your own.

Let’s experience a better fit together by breaking down the top 5 reasons why you should buy custom suits!

Style Your Way

Have you ever walked into a retail store and tried on a suit but it just didn’t live up to all your expectations? Imagine if you could get exactly what you wanted? With custom you truly can have it your way.  You pick the fabric color and pattern: pinstripe or solid?  Number of buttons on your suit jacket: one or two?  Style of lapel: notch or peak?  Jacket pockets: flap or no flap, straight or slanted?  Pants: cuff or no cuff?  You decide! Buying custom allows you to say goodbye to those predetermined suits and puts you in control of your style.


Not only do you control the style, you also get to put your signature stamp on your custom suit.  The customization process lets you personalize the garment and make it your own.  Perhaps you choose a solid navy suit with caramel colored buttons or you decide to match your jacket lining to the lavender pinstripe in your grey suit.  Maybe you want the outside of your suit to remain classic so instead you display your personal touch on the inside of your jacket with a unique message.  Whatever you decide, know the options are limitless when you buy custom.

Quality vs. Price

Generally speaking the price tag on your custom tailored suit will look like it costs more than an ‘off the rack’ suit, but remember you can’t compare an apple to an orange.  Store bought suits are made from machines and produced for the masses.  These suits typically require additional tailoring after a purchase, which means more money on top of the initial price, not to mention the cost (and time) driving back and forth from the tailor.  On the other hand your custom suit is cared for and crafted by an actual person.  It’s constructed with handsome perks such as jacket cuffs with functioning buttons, handpicked stitching, additional fabric on pant heels to prevent wear and tear.  Your custom suit will treat you to these and more with no extra expense or time wasted.

Canvas Make a Difference

One of the biggest benefits you gain with custom verses ‘off the rack’ is a canvas lining, the support between the outside layer and inside layer of your jacket.  Machine made suits won’t offer this feature because these are fused, meaning glued together, resulting in a stiffer jacket that won’t last as long.  A canvas lining adds shape and structure to your jacket.  Over time it will mold to your body giving you a natural supple shape.  It will breathe easier, prevent bubbling in the fabric and keep it from wrinkling.   With a canvased garment your profit will be a longer lasting suit.

Perfect Fit

What attracts most men to custom tailored suits is the fit.  Ideally your custom suit should feel like second skin.  You achieve this thru finding a good tailor who not only knows how to measure you, but also notes how your body is put together.  Is one arm longer than the other? Are your legs bowed? Do you have muscular thighs?  Your tailor should recognize various traits such as these when you meet with him or her.  Just remember the foundation to obtaining a great fitting suit lies with identifying how you’re built along with excellent measurements. 

Now that you’ve sensed how a suit should fit, why not buy custom.  Your best fitting suit is the one of a kind piece, the one size and one size only – YOUR SIZE, the fully loaded vestment.  It’s your custom suit!


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