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When in Doubt (or Not) Put a Bow on it


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There seems to be some confusion on when its appropriate to wear a bowtie – the short answer, anytime you want.  Throw one on with a button down, blazer and jeans, or give a life to an old suit when paired together.   Bowties are an admirable accessory! Once tied around your neck, you go from blending into the crowd to standing out as an individual.

When wearing this little but significant piece, make sure your choice in pattern and size are foolproof.  Since you and your bowtie will already be the center of attention, you don’t need to make a bigger statement by rocking a loud eccentric print. Keep your patterns neutral or stick with the classics: plaids, checks or stripes.  Next, pay attention to your proportions – when it comes to bow ties, size does matter.  The last thing you want is that ‘big guy in a little bowtie’ look.  You can avoid this by selecting the right bow width for your size.  If you’re an average built man, a standard bow (about 2 ½ inches) will fit you perfectly.  For those of you who are large and in charge with neck sizes greater than 17 ½ inches, I recommend a 3 ½ inch bow.

Now if wish to be like the cool kids and venture into the world of bowties, there is one oath required: Forego pre-tied and clip-on bowties.  Stop being lazy and manually tie your bow.  A self-tied bow has a handsome naturalness.  By taking thirty seconds to tie it yourself, you will look polished and well accomplished, like you’re somebody who just has life figured out.  

Still unsure? Just follow the numbers.

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