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3 Ways to Beat Summertime Blues!


3 Ways to Beat Summertime Blues!

There are about 6 weeks until Labor Day, and for many of us that marks the end of summer. And, since your kids may still be at camp, there’s time to indulge in a few summertime fantasies before they get home. 

No need to download Pokemon Go as augmented reality isn’t what we’re talking about here. You’re after the connection that comes from real time spent in the sandbox, so to speak. Hey, when is the last time you actually got on a swing? That’s a stress reliever, trust me!

So if the swings aren’t your thing, what’s next? 


A big advantage of sunshine and warm weather means you can spend more time outside. Nature nurtures, which actually makes a lot of sense, as you immediately begin to feel more calm and connected. You breathe a little deeper, the anxiety begins to dissipate and your stress level decreases. So let the outdoors give you a giant hug as you hike or bike, swim or swing. 

Board Games 

If you live in a part of the world where the seasons are reversed, or maybe you’re in the hurricane belt so the weather isn’t cooperating, you can still connect to some indoor fun. When is the last time you invited friends and family over to play some good old fashioned board games? Get out that deck of cards, the war torn monopoly board or choose to invest in a game you wanted to play as a kid and never had the opportunity to do. Now is your chance!    

Focus on Food

Summertime gives us a wonderful opportunity to explore new and different types of food. Do you know what a ramp is, or have you ever seen one? It’s true, most folks haven’t. Head to the nearest farmer’s market and explore new options for your dinner. Next step? Give yourself the opportunity to play outside on the grill. You don’t have to be a top chef to have a little fun at the grill, although maybe a backyard cook-off with the neighbors is just what you need.  

Choose one or choose all but remember you’ve got about 6 weeks before summer says bye-bye. So make the commitment to be present and Consciously Connecting to the joys of summer!

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