3 Ways to Connect to Your Dreams

Dream big. Yes, I said it. There is magic in your dreams that often transports and transcends you when you're alone, in the dark, and completely open to possibility. How can you dream bigger and still keep it a secret? You can't!

Share the dream, find a partner. We all need help whether we want to admit it or not. No one has ever brought the dream to fruition all alone. That is an impossible feat, maybe it was a family member, teacher, mentor, supervisor, friend or foe, but someone helped to connect the dots if only for a moment.

It's time to share your ideas with someone who can give you accountability, share contacts, help to plant seeds, inspire and support you in a myriad of ways. Ask and you shall receive, it's really that easy!

Up the Ante

Whatever you're doing now, do more. Do it better, do it with more commitment and do it with more enthusiasm. It's easy to get stuck and think you're giving it all, but it's time to hit the refresh button. Give your dream more energy and continue to stoke the creative embers.

Accountability Changes Everything

Set your goals with end dates, measurements and targets. Yes, be realistic and no, don't compromise. If you're having difficulty being accountable to yourself find a mastermind group, start your own group or partner with a friend. Once you're held accountable you'll start to move mountains.

Take Action

3 is the magic number you'll need to keep moving forward. Choose three tasks that you can do every day to move your dreams forward. Dreaming is fantastic however you have to back it up with action if you really want to make your dreams come true. Put pen to paper, make calls, send emails, brainstorm with others, and these tips will surely put you on the path to progress.

There's enough magic for everyone, now go get yours!