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7 Ways to Step into Spring!


7 Ways to Step into Spring!

If you’re not yet feeling refreshed, you can!

Here are 7 super simple ways to step into Spring as you lighten your load, literally and begin to feel transported into the next season.

Reinvent yourself. Start by thinking about a passion that you’ve never pursued. Give yourself the gift of taking a class or doing something you never thought you would or could do. As you dip your toe into the new recognize it can be scary and when embraced super sexy and playful. 

Engage with others. Winter is over so it’s time to share face to face time with friends and family outdoors.  

Find time for YOU! It’s so important to give yourself 30 minutes a day of quality ‘YOU’ time. Sure, that means there will be emails that go unanswered, social media unshared and here’s the good news there’s always tomorrow.  

Reconnect to the outdoors. Plant a garden, sit with your back against the trunk of a tree or plan an evening stroll as you get comfy with nature. The more often you head outside you’ll realize nature nurtures and re-balances your brain.  

Eat for energy. Hydrate with watermelon, my personal favorite, and continue to add variety to your meals. This is the time of year that you can really eat the rainbow as you continue heading toward your pot of gold.

Sit in stillness. Give yourself a break, a real one. Turn off the TV, computer, phones and practice listening to the silence. When you allow the silence to whisper in your ear it’s as if fairies have filled the space to collaborate, create and problem solve right along with you.

Happiness has to be practiced. It’s not enough to say you want to be happy you have to actually practice it. How? Go back to the basics of practicing gratitude. When you’re grateful you’re happy and you’re happy because you are grateful.      

Hit the button on REFRESH and these 7 super simple tips to begin connecting to Spring!

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