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Connected to Your Instincts?


How often have you had a feeling when something wasn’t quite right?

It might be a clench in the pit of your stomach, hmm possibly a stomach ache, or not. Or the ping you may hear, not your cell phone, or the chill as the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you realize something is about to happen, but what?  

You feel something is a little off, and maybe you can’t pin point it right away, or don’t take the time to connect the dots. Instead, you chose to ignore it and continue going about your life.

These experiences have happened to all of us at one time or another. Our angels whisper to us, tap us on the shoulder, and sometimes nudge us a bit more. Occasionally we end up on the doorstep of catastrophe because we aren’t willing to slow down and connect to our instincts.

Not too long ago my husband was hit by a moving fork lift. He was thrown about 30 feet. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, he actually got up! And like all of us, he’s got so much happening at once, but I had to wonder if this wasn’t the universe giving him a big wake-up call.

Right before he was hit he looked down to get his phone, which was ringing, out of his pocket. Something he normally doesn’t do on a job site, but on that day he was compelled to answer the call. By bending his neck down, the impact of the hit sent his head to a neutral position, as opposed to whipping it back and causing severe whiplash.

So what’s the message? Does he need to do less, slow down, pay more attention?

I’m not sure, and that’s for him to figure out. However, this incident got me thinking about hunches and following instincts.

Right now, today, make the commitment to begin listening. Listen to that little voice, become aware of the tap on your shoulder, the chills on the back of your neck, or whatever sensations connect you to your instincts. Give yourself permission to process the feelings flowing through you at this exact moment. Slow down and filter the information while you digest what the message is and what your other options may be.

You might think it’s easier to follow the roadmap later, put the pieces of the puzzle together next week, but when does next week ever come. Taking time to spontaneously connect to your instincts, in that exact moment, can make a big difference. The impulse to keep going and decipher all the signs at another time is human nature, especially since you have so many things on the daily to-do list. You think it’s impossible to take time for something that isn’t yet on the list. 

This is the path that needs your persistence. The rewards are often unknown, but sometimes they are the awakening that can change your life.

Continue to listen, watch, and connect, as the life you save may be your own, literally. Continue Consciously Connecting and your instincts will tell you when to return.

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