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To Be (Connected) or Not to Be?


Shakespeare said it best, “To be or not to be” that is the question and it still seems relevant today. 

So I ask–are you a human BE-ing or more of a human DO-ing?

Up until about 10 years ago I was definitely much more of a human DO-ing than a human BE-ing. More often than not I found myself immersed with a big list of to-dos and therefore my journey was always about moving quickly, getting it done, and then starting all over again. Exhausting, right?

How often do you begin your day or even a task, with the intention of BEing and instead end up on the path of DOing? For instance, look at the experience of visiting a new country. The desire to explore it all makes it very tempting to DO it all! It’s exciting to absorb the culture of a new place and it is easy to continue the fast and furious pace of everyday life.

Answering emails until the wee hours of the evening, continuing to follow what others are doing on Facebook, (note the word “doing”) and somehow not really enjoying the destination or the people we wanted to experience. This new adventure was what we desired, this is what we saved our money for, even used our miles to get here, but then again was it. Did we come to BE or to DO?

Maybe a little of both, but all too often we get swept away with the to-do list and forget all about our to-be list. We don’t have to visit every museum in a city before rewarding ourselves with a nice glass of something while sitting in a beautiful square watching people strolling by and sharing ideas and dreams with the person we’re with. Sometimes we’re busy DO-ing in the hope that we are earning time for BE-ing. But if we don’t make the conscious choice to connect with BE-ing we will never earn that time. By releasing all the expectations of everything we think we need to do, we can commit to giving ourselves the gift of BE-ing.

Take a step back, focus, and practice a little more BE-ing and a little less DO-ing. Trust me, you’ll still get everything done that was necessary, and you will feel more connected to it. 

Continue Consciously Connecting to BE-ing and return when you’re ready…

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