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Choose a Morning Practice That Helps You Feel Grounded and Centered


Choose a Morning Practice That Helps You Feel Grounded and Centered

Coffee before talkie.

My choice of coffee mug this morning sums up my preferred way to start my day: with some quiet alone time. As a sensitive introvert, I appreciate the early morning hours when the house is totally quiet. I start my coffee brewing and while I wait, I stroll through my indoor garden, which helps bring my focus into the present, and provides a boost of beauty, appreciation, and gratefulness.

I then sip my coffee while I write in my journal. I reflect on the events of the previous day, as well as my thoughts and feelings relating to those events. I notice what triggered me and left me feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or agitated. If something left me feeling sad or angry, I write it out so I can explore my reactions and understand myself better. Why did the event or situation leave me feeling that way? How did I react?

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By cultivating this ongoing practice of focused self-reflection and looking at my own behavior and choices, I’ve taken my self-awareness journey to a whole new level.

Through regular review of my life experiences, it becomes easier to see the lessons I’m meant to learn. I can better see how and when my behavior and choices are out of alignment with my intentions, priorities, and values. We don’t always choose what happens around or to us, but we are always in control of how we choose to respond to what happens. Are we choosing a response or path that is authentic to who we really are and that aligns to our values and intentions? Do our choices and behavior strengthen the connection with ourself, *and* our connection with others?

My morning ritual is one of the most important parts of my day and helps me start from a place of groundedness, feeling connected and centered. What contributes to your morning centeredness?

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