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Discovering the Learnings in the Challenges We Face


Discovering the Learnings in the Challenges We Face

I’ve been initiating a lot of big, important changes in my life lately. I seek out change when I notice that some aspect of my life is no longer working and I want something to be different. I look forward to fresh starts and new beginnings, but in order to experience those, I also have to experience some degree of unknown and uncertainty. As a sensitive introvert, *this* is what creates feelings of stress and chaos. I feel the most anxious when I can’t control the outcome, when I can’t see a clear path to my desired end state, or when I encounter significant detours or obstacles along the way. It’s in these moments that I feel the most overwhelmed, and sometimes paralyzed – I stall and can’t take any action at all. 

I used to see detours and obstacles as a sign that I had made the wrong choice and was on the wrong path. Over time, I’ve learned to see them in a new way. Rather than immediately assuming that I’ve chosen wrongly, I’ve learned to get curious and explore the true meaning of the challenge I’m facing. I ask myself, is it possible that I am headed in the right direction, but there’s something about the way I’m approaching the situation that I need to adjust? Or, is this detour a “test” of my endurance or a way to prove to myself that I do really want what I’m pursuing and that I’m willing to do the hard work to arrive at the future I want?

I took a break from my life coaching business to focus on family matters for awhile. When it was time to re-engage with my work, I started taking steps to bring my business back to life. It wasn’t long before uncertainty and doubt started creeping in and I became consumed with worry about the financial aspects. As the stress grew, my fears became all-consuming and eventually I found myself procrastinating in my work and surfing the job boards instead. I found a job that sounded appealing, I submitted my resume, and I went through a series of interviews. After my third one, I was pretty confident that I was going to receive an offer. I felt a connection with the people, I believed in the company’s mission, and I felt an initial sense of relief regarding finances. I reasoned that if I received this offer, it was a sign that I was supposed to take this job and that it was time to put my business aside.

That night, I didn’t sleep well and the next morning, I felt emotional, agitated, and tense. I allowed myself the gift of some time to explore what was at the root of these feelings. After some quiet reflection and writing in my journal, I came to see an unexpected truth: I didn’t really want this job. I was pursuing it only to placate my fears and worries: about stepping into my mission and about my financial security. Although my logical, rational brain was pushing me toward safety and security, my heart was pulling me toward the realization of my dreams. In reality, taking this job would mean that I was giving up on my dreams and my business, and more importantly, that I was giving up on myself. 

I did receive an offer that very day, which I turned down. Afterwards, I felt an immediate sense of peace. And by the next day, I knew in my heart I had made the right decision. I also knew that I was in for a long, hard, scary road ahead, but I made the commitment to myself right then and there that I wouldn’t give up on my business, or myself, without first doing everything in my power to make it work.

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Discerning the meaning of the challenges and obstacles we encounter is in itself a learning process. It takes time and practice to learn which obstacles are signs that we are headed in the wrong direction and which are there to build our strength and prepare us for the future that we want. This discernment process involves paying attention to the signals we are receiving from our body, and turning inward, inquiring into the energy of our heart. 

Making the choice to follow the path of our heart will require our determination, commitment, focus, and hard work. We need to set aside what others think will be best for us and tune into what *we* think will be best for us. We will certainly face challenges, obstacles, and setbacks. We may procrastinate, stall, and resist, which are all signs of being gripped by fear. Above all, we need to learn to trust: in the process, in our dreams, and in our self. We must cultivate belief in our ability to accomplish our dreams, even if we can’t see how yet.

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