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Do We Notice All the Signs the Universe Is Sending Us?


Do We Notice All the Signs the Universe Is Sending Us?

The universe is always sending us signs about our callings and our path. We are being invited to grow beyond our limits and evolve into our highest potential. The messages and clues can show up anywhere. But do we notice them?

I love being surprised by the discovery of hearts where I least expect them. Whenever I find one, such as on this painted rock lying along the sidewalk, it reminds me that my purpose in this life involves learning to truly love. My journey has taken me through some challenging experiences to show me all the ways I have been blocking love from flowing into and through my life.

I’m a sensitive introvert, so I spend a lot of time in my head, telling myself stories about how unlovable I am. I’m also a recovering over-achiever and people pleaser because I believed the only way to receive love was to prove how good I was, and that I deserved it.

Through my life experiences, it’s been made very clear to me that I’ve not been good about loving myself. And because I’m not good about loving myself, I’m also not good at loving others, or accepting love from others. The past few years, I’ve been learning and practicing the art of self-love.

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It’s not been easy practice for me. There are a lot of old wounds that have needed to be healed. I have been learning how to forgive myself for all the wrongs I have done. I have been learning self-compassion and how to stop beating myself up for every mistake. I have been learning to make self-care a priority and caring for all aspects of my wellbeing. I have been exploring the old beliefs and stories about my lovability, and I’m still working to rewrite them. None of these lessons have been easy.

But as difficult as it’s been, it’s been equally rewarding. Because breaking my heart open to expose all the hurt and wounds and brokenness inside has allowed my heart to finally begin the healing process, which is creating space for love to flow in.

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