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How to Reconnect With Yourself


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Every now and then, I feel a little trapped.

Not by people, not by places, and not by things.

When I catch myself with this feeling, I start to question it. “What changed to make me feel this way?”

Nothing in the outside world looks different. 
No massive event.
No huge transition I can’t handle.

But I feel a little stuck.
A little unhappy.
And a little confused. 

I look around and recognize that I have everything I need. And despite feeling grateful, I think “What gives? Why do I feel this way?”

After a few cycles of doing this and a healthy dose of obsessive self-analysis, I noticed that in moments where I feel mysteriously off for no good reason, I’ve unplugged.

I’ve disconnected from myself and started going on autopilot.

I’ve prioritized doing all the things that “need to get done” and skimped on the things that connect me to myself.

Suddenly, my must-haves (healthy foods, adequate sleep, movement & meditation) have become nice-to-haves. And, not so surprisingly, nice-to-haves become don’t-haves pretty freakin’ fast.

I can come up with a dozen or so ways to add that back in, become more accountable to myself, and feel like the real me again. If you’ve been following the Blog for a while, you know that I’ve already written about that:

​Despite all that, I’ve never written about the first and most important step to reconnecting with yourself. Let’s use my inner crazy as an example, shall we? As a coach, I’m great at coming up with creative strategies. As a normal human being, there are times I get stuck in judgment or can’t get out of my own head.

I start to wonder, “what if I can’t connect to myself again? Will I always feel like this?”

“What if this spirals into what those pedantic spiritual gurus call ‘being asleep?’”

I’d like to consider this thought pattern adorably neurotic, but in reality, it’s just annoyingly neurotic. I overthink it until I imagine that I’m so far gone that I’ll need a massive shift involving a shaman, a cave made of crystals, and a week without wifi.

I think that I need some sort of overhaul or cleanse to fix me.

And that exact thinking is why I’m off in the first place. Because I forget that I’m not broken. I can access my intuition, higher self, and inner awesome whenever I want.


It doesn’t require candles, crystals, or a third thing that begins with a “c” that I can’t think of.

All it takes is willingness.

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now. I don’t blame you. It seems too simple, too stupid, and too “spiritual” to create real change. Humor me on this one and:

Imagine if you had the willingness to see your situation differently.

Imagine if you were willing to reconnect simply as is.

What would that feel like in your body? 

There, you did it.

Sometimes all you need is the willingness to reconnect.


Before you sign up for some uber-expensive meditation retreat. Simply state the following “I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to connect to myself.”

Then, stand back and watch the miracles flow in.

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