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Journal Writing for Better In-The-Moment Awareness


Journal Writing for Better In-The-Moment Awareness

Do you journal?

I have journalled off and on for years. As a sensitive introvert, I find it incredibly helpful in terms of exploring my emotions and keeping things moving *through* my heart. My journal used to be a place to keep track of my experiences. I’d write about what happened each day, and vent about what other people did.

But over the last few years, my journal writing has been shifting.

I still write about my experiences, but I’ve also been writing more about how I *feel* about them. And instead of just venting about what *they* did, I explore my side of the situation too, my own reactions. My journal writing practice is helping me to better understand my own behavior; to see how various situations trigger me and impact how I respond. I find that over time, exploring these experiences in my journal has helped me get better about noticing my mood shifts in the moment when they happen.

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And for this sensitive introvert, that’s important. Because I’m in my head so much, my mood can shift several times each day and I don’t always see that its happened right away, or understand what caused it. Through the practice of writing and exploring in my journal, I’m getting better about noticing in the moment when I’m feeling agitated, sad, or overwhelmed, and what’s led to those feelings. It’s increasing my self-awareness significantly because I better understand what being a sensitive introvert means for me. I’m learning what kinds of situations, experiences, and interactions trigger me. I can’t always avoid those situations, but by learning more about myself, I can learn to respond to them more effectively when they arise.

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