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Just Let Go of the Idea That Quitting Is Bad


I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately regarding my work. After a lot of reflection and journaling, I discovered that I’ve been holding back and playing it safe. There is some stuff I’ve been doing that doesn’t light me up the way it used to. And I was having a hard time with the idea of letting it go because I feel like I *should* continue doing it.

We’re taught not to quit.

But, one of the first things I learned as a coach (which I still struggle with on occasion) was that we have to stop “shoulding” all over ourselves. We need to release the things we do only because we’re worried about what other people think or because we’re trying to meet other people’s expectations.

We need to do what’s right for us. And sometimes that means quitting.

This morning I took a little “time out” and facilitated myself through an intense visioning session to get clear on what I *do* want. I have a desire to more fully integrate my passions into my work and I included those ideas into my vision. Just writing it all down and claiming it was both freeing and empowering. Now I’m standing in my home office, feeling energized and inspired!

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So my encouragement to you is this: pay attention to how you feel about the stuff you do. If something isn’t making your heart sing anymore, can you let it go? Explore what you *do* want. Write it down. Feeeeel the excitement. Then do something, even if it’s a baby step, to move your vision forward! We are the author of our own life and if a chapter isn’t working, we can rewrite it!

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