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Rethinking Perfection and Beauty


Rethinking Perfection and Beauty

One of the many lessons I’ve learned from my indoor garden is to rethink perfection and beauty.

None of my plants are perfect, but as long as they are provided the right environment, they all grow how and when they need to grow. And even with their imperfections and blemishes they are all beautiful in their own way. 

Nothing in life is perfect, yet everything unfolds exactly as it is meant to. We don’t always like the way things happen or the timing of things, but everything comes to us when we need it. The experiences we have and the relationships we begin or end all bring attention to what we need to learn in order to continue our own growth. We humans strive for perfection and control, but we will never be “perfect” by standard definitions. Yet life unfolds perfectly to support our growth, bringing us the right conditions at the right time so we can see what we need to learn. 

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​And as with our plants, we all have imperfections and blemishes, yet we are still beautiful. Do we recognize our own beauty, or focus only on our flaws? And when we’re learning the hardest life lessons, do we focus only on our mistakes and failures, or do we see the ways we are learning and growing too? Instead of being so hard on ourselves all the time, let’s extend self-compassion and self-kindness, appreciate all that is good about us, and allow our inner beauty to shine through.

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