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Experience the Greek Islands Aboard Your Charter Yacht

Amid the ruins of ancient civilizations, settled on rough islands surrounded by sublime blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the Greek Islands present one of the most iconic itineraries anywhere in the world. Cruising these exquisite passages, your own private yacht delivers you to iconic destinations around the Cycladic and Dodecanese Islands, tracing history, art, and culture in luxurious comfort.

Majestically moving from one iconic spot to the next aboard your private yacht, you will feel the magic of the ages as you experience the Greek Islands on board the perfect yacht for your needs. This itinerary only covers a week’s worth of what could easily prove a lifetime of exploration of Greece’s 2,000 islands.


Athens deserves your attention, but so does the sea and it’s many island jewels. Take a peek around Athens, by all means, but board your yacht and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.


Tucked into a luscious bay on the Saranic Gulf, the idyllic town of Spetses quietly waits for those who seek solace. Often compared to the Hamptons, or even Monaco, the enclave is only accessible by boat. Spetses has no private cars, nor tourism to speak of, but is home to mansion after mansion, building a skyline that reflects the wealth of the island. After a simple cruising day, check out the Poiseidonian Grand for a memorable meal, or Tôle for cocktails and dancing.


The island of Milos offers incredible diving, with many sites accommodating all levels of experience. On shore, there are Christian catacombs, and a very old Minoan city, Filakopi, which flourished from 3300 to 1100 B.C. Beaches all around the island are stunning, but Sarakiniko’s massive white monoliths and white sand contrast nicely with the deep blue of the sea. Agathia is great for peace and tranquility, and Adamas for lively tavernas along the coastline.


Santorini, also known as Thira, blends history, tourism, and landscape well, serving as one of the most popular destinations throughout the Cyclades. Dramatic 300m cliffs, a clifftop caldera, the 1700 B.C. Minoan city of Akrotiri, and an incredibly beautiful skyline against the stunning turqouise water make Santorini a visual, as well as a cultural, delight. Fabulous sunsets are common, so insure you’re either cruising to your advantage, or climbing up to the castle at Oia.


Mykonos and its epic beaches beckon, as you navigate some of the most beautiful waters imaginable. Fabulous for so many reasons, you’ll want to see the famous windmills, the Paraportiani Church, and Paradise Beach. Of utmost importance is the pleasure you will get from edging around this luxurious setting in a yacht outfitted to reflect your every wish and whim. If an onshore dinner sounds appealing, consider reservations at Kiki’s or Phos, knowing that intriguing, high end pop up dining is in vogue as well, which means asking around upon arrival. Shopping on this island is epic.


Delos stretches its roots back to the third millennium B.C., showing off a wealth of ruins from several eras of civilization. The birthplace of Apollo in Greek mythology, the island remains a Pan-Hellenic sanctuary. Tremendously important for its history, the island still boasts that no mortal will be born or will die on Delos, continuing the sacred traditions from the Archaic, through the Classic, and Hellenistic eras.


Return to Athens, enjoying the idyllic route through beautiful water dotted with rugged islands.