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10 New Year's Resolutions for Travelers

The New Year is upon us – what will your resolutions be? We’ve rounded up 10 New Year’s resolutions for travelers that are a lot more fun – and easy – to keep than going to the gym 6x per week!

Make a plan for 2018…and beyond

Don’t just think about your next trip…think your next 5 or even 10 trips! When you start planning well in advance, you can take advantage of airline sales, promotions, and early booking advantages. Plus, you can make those bucket list trips happen by planning strategically.

Find the perfect carry-on…

Just like there is no one-size-fits-all trip, there isn’t necessarily the perfect carry-on for every traveler. You may like a hard shell while your friend prefers a cloth material. Find the one you love, and get it! (We are a bit partial to the Away Carry-On – it comes in several colors, can be customized, and has a built in battery so you can charge your devices on the go!)

…and master packing everything in a carry-on!

If you don’t already pack everything in a carry-on, this resolution seems pretty extreme. But trust us, it can be done! Many of our advisors can pack for two weeks in a carry-on. Brownell Independent Advisor Caroline Wallace shares how here .

Go somewhere new

It’s easy to return to an old favorite again and again. But go somewhere brand-new this year! Experience a different culture, try authentic cuisine, and meet the local people. You’ll learn so much by getting out of your comfort zone, and who knows – you may discover a new favorite spot!

See our own country

So often we look beyond our own backyard for a trip, but in 2018, plan a trip within the United States . Whether it is somewhere driving distance , exploring a National Park , or flying to a fun destination, see the good ol’ US of A!

Print photos from trips

Instead of just taking photos during your trip, make time to print some after you get home. It’s not only fun to relive your trip as your look through and select photos, but you can also frame some, put them in an album, or make a photo book that you will look at later!


After spending all the time, money, and energy planning your trip, why waste it trying to keep up with what’s going on at home and at work? Turn off your phone, put away your iPad, shut down your laptop, and truly experience the destination – Instagram, Facebook, work emails, etc. will be there when you return.

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Plan a “treat yourself” trip

You deserve a few days where you can treat yourself. A romantic getaway, a girls’ spa weekend, a fishing trip…whatever it may be, do something that you love.

Travel Smarter

Leave all those bad travel habits in 2017. Things that make travel stressful – last minute planning, arriving late to the airport, overpacking – have no business being a part of your travel M.O. Use these tips to travel smarter in the New Year .

Use all your vacation days

In 2016, Americans left 206 million vacation days unused. That’s a lot of days! Don’t leave any of your hard-earned vacation days on the table in 2018. If you have a week vacation, plan to take the Monday off so you can unpack and recover. Only a few days to spare? Plan a long weekend getaway. Your Brownell Advisor can help you find the perfect trip that fits your allotted time away .