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Seven Reasons to Start Traveling NOW!

With any new, exciting thing in life there is always something holding you back. Starting a new job, falling in love, moving to a new city, starting a family, going on a big trip — these are all wonderfully-scary, character-building experiences that make us think twice. Fear of change and the unknown is normal, but it should not keep you from living life to the fullest. We may not be able to speak to falling in love or starting a family, but we can tell you why you should stop worrying and start traveling! (And if you want a new job, we’ve got some ideas on that here too!)

Travel makes you smarter and more creative

Don’t just take our word for it — science says so . And who doesn’t want to be smarter or more creative?

It’s Easier Than Ever

Gone are the days where international travel was only for the white-collar elite or the brave adventurers. Technology has made the world infinitely more accessible — even the most remote areas. And there are so many travel companies that offer experiences to fit everyone’s personalities. So out with the “someday I’ll go there” and in with the “I’m going next fall!”

Travel inspires gratitude

If you follow any type of inspirational blog or social media account, you’ve certainly read about the importance of gratitude. (See this article, this article , or this article …just to share a few.) Studies show that gratitude benefits our lives in myriad ways , so if travel inspires gratitude, travel = the secret to good health! (Okay so our math may be a little off but you get what we’re saying). When you travel, gratitude can show up in many ways:

  • Grateful for the privileges you have at home
  • Grateful for the opportunity to try something new and step out of your comfort zone
  • Grateful for your life at home after seeing a different lifestyle
  • Grateful for the time to bond with loved ones during the shared travel experience
  • Grateful for the travel experiences itself
  • You return home with a deeper appreciation for life and the world in which we live. A perspective that is so important now more than ever.

    It Gets Harder as You Get Older

    As you get older and have more responsibilities, it gets harder and harder to travel. In your 20s you may worry about missing a fun weekend with friends at home or stress over the cost, but if you can afford it, GO. It is much more challenging when you have to consider arranging childcare or buying plane tickets for a family of four rather than just one. So go when you can instead of regretting what you didn’t do when you’re older .

    Travel Strengthens Bonds

    When you travel, you create lasting memories. And when you’re traveling with someone, you then have shared lifelong memories that form deep bonds. Think about the stories you’ve heard from your parents or grandparents (or your own stories) of that time they backpacked Europe with their college roommate or drove across the country in a station wagon with their high school BFF. Whether you stay close to your travel companions or grow apart, you will always remember those times together.

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    Travel Brings Families Closer Together

    In the same vein as strengthening bonds, travel brings families closer together. Parents get to see their children experience something new and have a special opportunity to open their eyes to the world around them. So often children get used to what they know and don’t realize what a great big exciting world we live in. Letting your child see and experience the world is one of the best gifts you can give your child.

    Lifelong Travel Memories

    Unlike a material item, memories from travels don’t break or get replaced by a new model. Months, years, and decades down the road, you’ll remember that time you stayed up until sunrise dancing in Barcelona or the first time you spotted a lion in Africa. And even the memories from stressful travel experiences (like three days with no luggage in Italy) can be funny or entertaining later in life (because you’re wearing the same European outfit in every photo).