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The Seven Deadly Sins of Airport Travel


The Seven Deadly Sins of Airport Travel

Experts predict record breaking numbers of travelers this fall. That, combined with long wait times at security, can result in quite the headache for travelers. But savvy travelers know how to avoid losing their cool: get the airport early, keep identification and travel documents easily accessible, follow the rules (don’t leave a bottle of water in your purse!), and relax and be gracious. Follow their lead, and don’t fall prey to the seven deadly sins of airport travel.


No one cares how expensive your shoes are. Don’t hold up the security line by trying to sneak them through or refusing to take them off. Humble yourself in front of the TSA gods and comply with the rules – they aren’t going to make exceptions for you. (And pack little socks to wear if you are truly repulsed by walking barefoot through security…it’s just that simple.)


Air travel these days can be downright exhausting – and not just for you. So when you are waiting at your gate, don’t take up an extra seat (or two) with your carry-on or purse. When it starts getting crowded, move your items so others can sit down. This goes for the flight itself as well. Don’t bring so many bags that they crowd your seat mate’s precious legroom or take up the entire overhead bin.


Whether it’s a flight attendant, a fellow passenger, an airport employee, or any other person you meet at the airport, remember that this is not the place to practice pick-up lines. Even trying to sweet talk your way out of a sticky situation is out of line. Save that for the bar.


Don’t stare down those travelers who breeze through security with TSA PreCheck or whisk onto their flight with an appropriately sized carry-on. No need to be green with envy – you, too, can be a smart, savvy traveler! You must learn to arrive early, not burden yourself by overpacking, and keep your cool in stressful situations. And using a travel advisor who can guide you through your trip and assist if something goes bump will make more confident as you breeze through the terminal, knowing someone’s got you back.


Don’t stop at every snack spot as soon as you clear security, no matter how good the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls is wafting from Cinnabon. Find your gate and check the boarding time before you pick up a treat for the plane. No one wants to explain missing a flight because you just couldn’t resist those personal pizzas from Pizza Hut.


When dealing with the gate agent, remember this human is typically the messenger. They did not cause the flight crew to time out, the weather to be troublesome, a mechanical delay, or whatever the issue may be. Wrath towards these individuals will get you nowhere. Be the person who is respectful and courteous and remember the saying “you catch more flies with honey!”


No matter how tired you may be, don’t dawdle through the airport. Rummaging through your bags for documents at the check-in counter holds up the line and is frustrating to all parties involved. Be prepared and keep the process moving quickly and efficiently. Skip snapchatting the play-by-play of the airport, and walk with a purpose. Sure, the people watching is amazing, but never stop in the middle of a hallway to take pictures or stare. Move it or lose it!

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