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Where to Go on Your Summer Vacation


Where to Go on Your Summer Vacation

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your summer vacay! With so many options, it can be hard to find the ideal trip you’re dreaming of. But have no fear; take our quiz to help narrow to find the perfect vacation for you!

It’s Friday night, after a long week. Where are you most likely to be found?

  1. Grabbing sushi with a few friends
  2. Binging on Grey’s Anatomy or the newest Netflix series with a glass of Pinot Noir
  3. Perched behind home plate, cheering on my favorite team
  4. Getting everything in order for my Saturday BBQ

Time for a drink! Which cocktail are you sipping on?

  1. A red, fruity Sangria
  2. Old fashioned
  3. A trendy local brew
  4. Dirty martini, with another on the way

You finally landed your dream job. What are you doing?

  1. I’m teaching an advanced yoga class.
  2. I just made partner at a prestigious law firm.
  3. Most likely, I’m shouting orders as Head Chef at a Michelin Star restaurant.
  4. Is no job an option? There’s something to be said for a life of leisure.

It’s just you and your DVR for the night. What are you watching?

  1. Everything Real Housewives, a guilty pleasure.
  2. Scandal, The Bachelor, the list goes on, and I can’t miss a one!
  3. I’m only interested if it’s Shark Week.
  4. It all Food Network, to be honest.

Where is your dream house situated?

  1. Right on the beach
  2. Tucked into the mountains
  3. In the heart of the city
  4. Which one?

Now pick a shoe:

  1. You can’t go wrong with a sassy wedge.
  2. Do slippers count?
  3. I’ll stick with my perfectly worn in sneakers.
  4. Boat shoes! They’re both practical AND stylish – two birds, y’all.

It’s cheat day! Choose a sweet treat:

  1. Key Lime Pie – classic & refreshing
  2. Cheesecake – it’s cheat day – go big or go home
  3. Churro – nothing better than a snack on the go
  4. Bring on the dessert tray

Who is your fav travel buddy? We all have one:

  1. Traveling is best in groups; I’m taking a whole pack of pals!
  2. My better half; there is nothing sweeter than time away.
  3. My BFF, it’s easy since we both go with the flow!
  4. Family, vacation is a great way to make some mems.

You’ve just hit the big time. What are you famous for?

  1. Scoring a break out acting role
  2. Writing a best-seller
  3. Becoming an Olympic swimmer
  4. Making a name for myself as a socialite

If you could only enjoy one season for an entire year, what would it be?

  1. Summer – no complaints about lounging by the pool year round.
  2. Winter – I never get tired of a fire in the fireplace.
  3. Fall – there is just something about fall air.
  4. Spring – flowers, rain, sunshine, all with the possibility for snow, Spring has it all.

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