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Why Using a Travel Advisor Is Better Than DIY


In era of DIY, the idea of taking on a new project is exhilarating. But don’t let your Pinterest board fool you – sometimes it’s better to leave it to the experts! When it comes to planning a trip, here’s why using a travel advisor is better than doing it yourself.


Travel Advisors have access to a gamut of resources that most travelers don’t even realize exist. With on-the-ground contacts, dedicated air specialists, a network of other travel experts, and insider booking tools, your travel advisor has the resources to make your dream trip even more special than you could have imagined.


You don’t know what you don’t know! Save yourself from the carpal tunnel that comes with scrolling through thousands of TripAdvisor reviews and use a travel advisor. We will do the nitty-gritty research  and you can review the options edited down to your unique preferences.


Advisors have strong relationships with hotel and touring partners all over the world, and we don’t have to use an 800-number to reach them. We stay in constant communication with our partners to make sure every aspect of your experience is 5/5, would recommend to a friend.


We know what we know because we’ve been there – literally. Using a Travel Advisor gives you access to first-hand knowledge from a true travel pro that knows the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

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Extra, Extra!

Advisors dedicate time to the fun stuff. We have endless recommendations for movies and books to get you in the spirit for your upcoming trip. Packing lists? Yep! Destination guides? You got it!


Advisors can access amenities, benefits, and promos that you can’t get your own. Plus you can’t VIP yourself, but we can for you! (And PS – our partners really know how to roll out the red carpet for our clients.) In the words of Beyonce, let us upgrade ya!

Insider Scoop

Travel Advisors are always on the cutting edge of the latest travel trends. We can spot an up-and -coming destination from a mile away and are always to first to know of new hotel openings, hot-off-the-press cruise itineraries, and other in-the-know updates.


Look at the tags in your clothes. Are they one-size-fits-all? Nope! They’re the size, style, and design that work for you. Your travel should be the same way (but even more custom)! A Travel Advisor learns about the most important component of your vacation – YOU! We get to know your expectations and curate an itinerary suited to your preferences.

The Dirty Work

When using a Travel Advisor, you can be as hands-on as you please. But when it comes down to sitting on hold with Delta for upwards of two hours, we’ll take care of it for you. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Everything in Between

Advisors know how to read the fine print. We can walk you through the details of passport rules, visa applications, and flight schedules, so you can sit back and enjoy your journey!

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