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The 4 Irrefutable Laws of Business Success

Successfully running any type of business – whether small, medium or big – is hard work and requires the leader to possess a great deal of consistent clarity, focus, sell-discipline, perseverance and resilience. These are some of the key skills needed for what I refer to as “Driving Business Growth.”

While the work associated with “Driving Business Growth” is hard, it is very doable. One of the keys to success is to break down the components of success into smaller and more concise – easily understood – elements to make them easier to act upon. To stress their importance, I refer to them as “Laws” in today’s Wake Up Call. The four laws shown here provide you the opportunity to build the footing and foundation for your success journey.

Success is about taking action.

When you take action, things happen. Ask yourself what success looks like to you in the future, then work your way backwards from that future “picture” to where you are today. Don’t contract “Failure to Implement Syndrome,” which is death to a business. Every step, no matter how small, is an action.

Structure your calendar daily.

If it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist. If you have an intention, but don’t write it down and act, it won’t happen. Intentions are great and make you feel good. But if you don’t act on them to make them a reality, that “good” feeling quickly evaporates and is replaced by feelings of failure and frustration.

Train your brain to work all the time by asking focused and targeted questions, which is the single most important driver to success.

When you ask better questions, you get better answers, which will lead to better decisions and better outcomes .

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Leadership and growth happens through daily development.

A business can only go as high as the leadership level of its owner. You have to do or learn something daily – no matter how small – that helps you be a better you!

In line with the concept of “Driving Business Growth” I would urge you to listen to the kick-off episode of my new “Driving Business Growth” Podcast Series. This first one is a critical component of improving your productivity and, in turn, your success. It asks and answers the question, “Who Do You Need To Be” to achieve real, measurable and sustainable success? Let me know what you think of it.