Save And Prosper: Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Written by: Jacob Dillon Bitcoin became quite a buzzword only a few years ago, but it managed to introduce investors to the brand new world of cryptocurrency trade. It created a fresh opportunity for business people willing to invest in alternative income sources, so now we have a whole generation of crypto investors operating all over the world.However, it doesn’t mean that the industry is booming. On the contrary, less than 10% of American adults own crypto money , while almost 80% of investors buy Bitcoin only. It’s not surprising given the fact that Bitcoin is worth over $8 thousand , but there are many more options that could turn out to be much more profitable in the long run.Now, you might be asking a simple question: Why should I invest in digital money? If you are not sure whether it’s the right way to go, check out the main benefits of the business as explained by Jake Gardner, a blockchain analyst at Forex Broker (one of the online-brokerage companies):]\

  • Potential to drive revenue : Cryptocurrencies can be a profitable business opportunity if you understand the market and follow the latest trends in the field.
  • No inflation : Traditional currencies are subject to inflation, but this is not the case with digital coins.
  • Diversify investments : You can now diversify the portfolio of investments and go beyond real estate, stocks, and similar properties.
  • Simplicity : Trading cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to face boring procedures, time-consuming transactions, and costly fees.
  • The list of advantages doesn’t end here, but this should be more than enough to inspire you to begin. But once you make that decision, you would also like to think about the best investment opportunities. We are here to help you out with the selection process, so keep reading to learn about the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in.


    Almost every cryptocurrency list without Bitcoin can be considered incomplete. The most popular digital coin is fully credible and so it managed to reach the highest price of all cryptocurrencies. Although the developer of Bitcoin is known only as Satoshi Nakamoto, the fact remains that people trust this currency and keep investing in it over years. As such, it is the safest choice for first-time investors.


    Litecoin is essentially the second-best option in the cryptocurrency market, which makes it a desirable asset among traders. The founder of Litecoin is a former member of Google, Charlie Lee, who designed it as the faster version of Bitcoin. This means owners can conduct transactions in a shorter time span. The price of Litecoin is well above $100 and stable.


    Ethereum is another well-known cryptocurrency based on a larger platform that allows clients to design smart contracts safely and effortlessly. The infrastructure behind Ethereum makes the coin so important because it serves many other purposes besides sheer transactions. The price of Ethereum is about $250 and it is considered a rather stable and trustworthy type of asset.


    Tezos is a relatively new cryptocurrency that is based on pretty much the same type of technology as Ethereum, so the two coins can be seen as direct competitors. Therefore, Tezos is all about smart contracts and decentralized applications, but it does come with a self-upgrading feature. Although the price of Tezos is barely above $1, we believe it has a bug potential and so we recommend investors to give it a try.

    Basic Attention Token (BAT)

    BAT comes as another refreshment to add a little diversity to the standard cryptocurrency market. It is basically a payment method that you can use to tip partners and clients who perform certain tasks for you. For instance, you can use BAT to reward services who help you with content creation. The price of BAT is only around $0.35, but we expect it to grow soon.


    Ripple is one of the rare cryptocurrencies that require no mining whatsoever. In its essence, Ripple is nothing more than the global platform for settlements that you can use to conduct payments cheaply anywhere in the world. The coin has the potential to turn international payments upside down, but it will take some time before it does. But with the price of less than $0.4, we believe it is a good investment opportunity.


    Nexo is special because it successfully connects two separate worlds. Namely, this cryptocurrency is designed so as to enable crypto-supported loans. To put it simply, you are granted a loan if you collateralize your digital money in exchange for it. The company behind Nexo is Credissimo, a renowned fintech group situated in Europe. Nexo is very cheap at the moment as you can buy it for $0.1.


    Binance is already established as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market. The developers treat it as the utility token, highlighting its real and practical value within the larger cryptocurrency network. The coin is already worth well above $30, so a quick reaction would not hurt you for sure.


    VeChain is trying to make a breakthrough in the real world and so far it has been rather successful. This blockchain-based technology is helping enterprises to build their own ecosystems and scale the business without obstacles. They already managed to penetrate several markets, including agriculture, beverages, and luxury items. VeChain is currently worth $0.07.


    We close the list with the so-called Chinese Ethereum. NEO is also used for building smart contracts and one of its greatest advantages is that it runs on multiple programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Go, and many more. The coin is growing steadily, so now you can buy NEO for somewhat above $12.


    The cryptocurrency market is relatively new, but lots of people already started investing in digital money thanks to the incredible rise of Bitcoin. In this post, we showed you the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in. We hope our tips can help you to make the right decision, but feel free to leave a comment if you need additional explanations – we would be glad to answer!Related: 7 Tips to Be Successful at Selling to Different Generations